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Our team is not only thoroughly trained with the logistics of parking, but in hospitality.

We want to assure you that your guests’ needs are being met with the utmost care, and we want your guests to leave with the best impression of your business and services they received.

Our management team is consistent with educating and networking to further assure our employees’ strength in their performance, as well as dedicated to hospitality. This is why we’re putting together a hospitality course with St. Joseph’s College that our team will attend.

Beyond valet parking, Gold Coast offers more intimate hospitality services such as doorman attendants, front desk attendants, and bellman attendants to service locations that your guests may be staying. Even in establishments where valet parking is our primary service, we give guests a hospitable experience as we open their doors with a pleasant greeting and place their jackets over their shoulders with high esteem. 

The Gold Coast Experience

Part of our mission at Gold Coast is putting hospitality at the center of it all. We’ve expanded our performance with other auxiliary services that benefit service-based industries beyond the parking lot.

An Elevated Concierge

We provide employees who are professional in hospitality and tend to guests’ needs.

Assist guests with personal services such as making dinner reservations and arranging transportation.

Gold Coast provides an elevated Concierge service to all Long Island, NY customers
Gold Coast is equipped with professional equipment and uniforms

Equipped & Uniformed​

We’re prepared with standard equipment, uniforms, and a professional appearance for every job.

Our team is always ready to make a lasting impression and has the tools and resources to do it.

Doorman & Greeters​

A step further with hospitality to ensure guests and residents feel welcome.

We can provide courtesy services usually provided at hotels and residential complex buildings.

Gold Coast provides doorman and greeters for establishments such as Canoe Place in Hampton Bays, NY

Our Concierge Results​

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