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There’s a certain etiquette essential to the standing of a country club, and we aim to support it to ensure the success of yours specifically.

Whether it’s a relaxing time meant for socialization, or an event being held at your club, Gold Coast will cater to your needs.

Any concerns regarding parking their vehicles will be managed by our professionally-trained staff. We can guarantee safety in the parking lot as well as vehicles being handled with great care. We can personalize your members’ experiences as we greet them by name and become more than “just a valet attendant” – we’ll be the hospitality partners they know and trust. 

From the moment our valet attendants open their doors until they enter your club, Gold Coast will provide an upscale experience for your members that they’ll feel will be worth the price of their membership with your club and leave each visit feeling beyond elated.

The Gold Coast Experience

We want your members to feel a sense of belonging in such an elegant atmosphere. Within the short moments of helping your guests with their parking needs, we’ll have them feeling welcomed and happy with your business.

An Elite Experience​

Our services further the value of your promised amenities.

When it comes to managing a booth in a lot or parking garage, our employees are able to regulate things.

Gold Coast is prides themselves in providing an elite experience for their customers and their members
Gold Coast provides a reliable staff for your establishment without the liability

Staffing Without Liability​

Trained professionals will be handling your members’ vehicles.

We guarantee skilled and educated parking attendants will be operating vehicles and managing parking within your parking lot.

Premium Valet Parking

Our valet attendants will handle operating and parking your members’ vehicles.

Even the parking process will have your members feeling luxurious as they start their social outing.

Gold Coast excels in valet and parking management systems on Long Island, NY

Our Country Club Capabilities

Gold Coast has a wide arrangement of capabilities to help transform your guests’ accommodation experience including;

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