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Residents of your complex should always feel as if they’re living in luxury while still feeling the comforts of home.

Our job is to preserve that feeling as we get to know the ins and outs of your community and make every encounter with your residents personable.

Upon arrival, a booth attendant can ensure security as they monitor who enters and leaves the complex. Security can drive around the parking lot to keep an eye on things or be positioned at the doors of any buildings. We want your residents to feel safe in their own home and know they’re surrounded by a trustworthy team of people. 

Whether it’s greeting your residents at the entrance of the complex, parking their vehicles for them upon arrival, positioning ourselves as doormen, or providing security, Gold Coast is well-prepared to cater to your residents and give them a first-class living experience.

The Gold Coast Experience

We’re adaptable to whatever your needs are to ensure your residents feel safe and comfortable in their own home. Whether providing security, assistance with unloading groceries from their vehicles, or valet parking services, their way of living will be nothing short of luxurious.

Comfortable & Safe Living

You and your residents will be confident in their safety.

We can station as security for your complex to ensure your residents’ safety and give them peace of mind.

Gold Coast provides comfortable and safe living for residents on Long Island, NY
Gold Coast can elevate your residential complexes experience with advanced concierge services

Upgraded Concierge​

Additional services will further the feeling of living-in-luxury for your residents.

We’ll provide assistance in any areas your residents may need to provide them with a more easygoing way of living.

Luxurious Valet at Home​

Your residents can live in luxury even when it comes to parking their own vehicles.

Residents won’t have to walk across a parking lot to their vehicles every time they come to and from home.

Gold Coast will have your residents feeling like royalty with luxurious valet service at home on Long Island, NY

Our Residential Complex Capabilities

Gold Coast has a wide arrangement of capabilities to help transform your guests’ accommodation experience including;

Our Client Experience

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