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It could be the height of the shopping season with the holidays or the school year nearing, or just a leisure trip to the outlets on any given day – either way, we understand that the safety and comfort of your guests are of utmost importance. 

We’re able to design a traffic control and management plan specific to your needs. Safety is a priority with our team as we guide traffic throughout your lot and prevent any accidents with other vehicles, property, or pedestrians. 

Our valet attendants are knowledgeable with operating different vehicles and defensive driving. With this, your guests’ vehicles are sure to be managed with care. We can also position ourselves as booth attendants and cater to pay-to-park services as guests enter and leave your lot.

The pressure of a busy parking lot can be overwhelming, but we can undoubtedly handle the stress. No matter the volume of traffic, our team will meet your needs. Your guests being pleased with their experience is as important to us as it is to you.

The Gold Coast Experience

Our job is to understand the challenges of parking. We’ll determine a strategy to make the most of any parking limitations and conduct traffic in a safe manner, whether behind the wheel or standing in your designated parking areas.

Specialized Traffic Control & Parking Management ​

Your parking lot management needs will be met with attentiveness catered to your specific lot.

We’ll keep your parking lots and garages orderly as we direct traffic and reduce the possibility of any accidents occurring.

Gold Coast specializes in parking management and valet for restaurants
Gold Coast provides an elevated Concierge service to all Long Island, NY customers

Premium Parking Experience​

Your guests will be able to enter your shopping center with ease and less confusion, no matter the time of year.

We can provide pay to park valet services in a VIP parking area at your establishment.

Pay-to-Park Enabled​

We utilize smart technology for a quick and effortless experience for your guests.

Our smart technology can provide digital claim checks for valet parking, operate as a point of sale system for pay-to-park services and provide us with real time date and analytics to understand the performance of your parking lot and our service.

Gold Coast can manage your hotel's valet parking and transportation shuttles

Our Shopping Mall Capabilities

Gold Coast has a wide arrangement of capabilities to help transform your guests’ accommodation experience including;

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