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We know how demanding healthcare can be and want you to be able to focus completely on the importance of your work.

We’re here to manage your parking lots and garages, no matter the type of facility or size.

Your patients and their loved ones can be under a lot of pressure when it comes to health and medical needs. We can help alleviate some by promptly getting them through the doors as we guide traffic within your parking lots or park their vehicles ourselves.

You could be a hospital or extensive medical center that handles emergencies and surgeries, or a more private facility that wants to make sure your patients don’t have to walk a far distance from their vehicles when there are no available parking spots near the entrance – either way, Gold Coast is here to make their experience as easygoing as can be.

The Gold Coast Experience

It’s important that patients and visitors of your facility are comfortable and dealing with as minimal stress as possible. Our services will help limit walking, ease frustration over finding parking in full lots, and manage to get them through the doors and on their way home quickly and efficiently.

Regulating Parking Attendants

We’ll oversee entering and exiting parking lots and garages.

When it comes to managing a booth in a lot or parking garage, our employees are able to regulate things with strict health guidelines such as contactless ticketing technology.

Gold Coast provides an elevated, safe, and fuss free hospitality service to all Long Island, NY customers from booths to traffic control with contactless ticketing technology
Gold Coast has staff highly trained and certified in traffic control

Valet Parking & Traffic Control

Patients and visitors won’t stress over finding convenient parking spots.

Preventing overparked lots ensures quick and easy entrances and exits from your facility.

Trained & Certified Staff

Employees won’t need to be hired and trained in-house to manage parking lots and garages.

Focus on hiring staff that specializes in healthcare and advancing your facility while we handle parking logistics.

Gold Coast has staff highly trained and certified in traffic control

Our Healthcare Facility Capabilities

Gold Coast has a wide arrangement of capabilities to help transform your guests’ accommodation experience including;

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